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Help dogs while you search the web

Every time you do a search, money is donated to a dog shelter. Use DogDog as you would any other search engine. The difference is now your normal everyday activity is helping to feed, shelter and provide medical care for dogs in need.

Lets go

How it works

the web

Use the DogDog web just
like any other search engine

Each search earns money
for shelter animals

DogDog donates half our profits
to dog shelters. Over $7 million donated so far (with our sister company Goodshop!)

Your money helps
dogs in need!

Funds earned via DogDog
help shelters provide dogs
with all they need to live
happy lives

How We've Helped

Funds raised through DogDog (and its sister site GoodSearch) have helped thousands of dogs.
Here are just a few of their stories.

Miss Daisy

Driving Miss Daisy, was one of 49 dogs rescued from a Las Cruces puppy mill. She needed surgery on both ears, eye treatments to prevent beginning blindness and spay surgery. Sunny Aris, founder of Animal Village New Mexico and a tireless champion of dogs in need used the donation to pay for this care.

Three year old Frenchie was found in a dumpster. His little legs led his rescuers to believe that he was thrown into it as he would not have been able to climb up there on his own. He had a scary medical condition called “prolapsed rectum” and had to have three surgeries. Donations earned from people simply doing their every day searches offset the enormous costs of caring for Frenchie. The amazing people at Animal Rescue of Fresno nursed Frenchie back to health and worked hard to find him a loving forever home.